Design Exploration Framework based on AI for froNt-loaded Engineering

Project description

High-tech design and manufacturing industries from the aerospace and renewable energy sectors are shifting towards more disruptive innovations. To accelerate the entry into service of novel solutions and remain competitive in the global aerospace market, European players are forced to explore new collaborative product development approaches that can drastically reduce lead time. To this purpose, DEFAINE will deliver an advanced Design Exploration Framework able to: • Reduce recurring cost in design of aircraft and wind energy systems by 10% • Reduce the lead-time for design updates by 50%. The framework will enable the effective exploitation of the front-loaded product development approach in combination with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Front loading can significantly reduce the inefficiencies of the current engineering approach by enabling large-scale design exploration at the beginning or even before the actual start of a project. DEFAINE will enable the realization of this Design Exploration Framework, by providing the following key solutions: • A novel KBE development methodology for engineering tools to visually model engineering knowledge and include this in the running tools “live” during design studies. • The automatic (re)formulation of multidisciplinary engineering workflows to cut the setup time and expertise required in order to create these workflows. • A scalable and cost-efficient computing infrastructure based on virtualization and containerization technology to enable the exploration of the design space without needing specialized knowledge of computing infrastructures • A set of (automated) data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms that can identify trends and relations in large sets of design data and support the machine-driven discovery of knowledge. By means of the proposed solutions, European companies in the high-tech industries will be able to explore the design space in the very early stages of a project and evaluate more alternative design concepts, such to deliver novel and better designs faster, at lower design cost, thereby strengthening their market competitiveness.

Project leader

Stefan van der Elst
ParaPy BV, Netherlands
Project involvement DEFAINE
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