Data-driven decision-making for distributed healthcare

Project description

The D4Health project will tackle situations where decision-makers are confronted with complex strategic decisions in the healthcare infrastructure domain. One such decision is how to adapt the care system when distributed healthcare (eg, remote monitoring so patients can stay at home) will be introduced at scale: what does this mean for the floor space that is needed in hospitals, what does this mean for local treatment centers? The project aims to gather and bring together datasets that represent the underlying mechanics (demographics, epidemiology, healthcare productivity figures, real estate capacity, ...) and make them interoperable as linked data. Using this data, and knowledge rules that are elicitated from domain experts, a dashboard can be created that enables decision-makers on various levels to study scenarios. Essentially we aim to create a digital twin for the healthcare system. Targeted user groups are hospital owners, real estate developers, architects, and policy makers.

Project leader

Freek Bomhof
TNO, Netherlands
Project involvement D4Health, DEFRAUDify
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Project publications