Analytical Digital Marketing System for high performance user impact

Project description

ADiMa project represents a new marketing approach where the service offered will be centered on the data, campaigns performance and market impact. In order to implement such an action it requires the participation of the entire technology and data value chain: research centers specialized in data management, semantics and data analytics, companies applying such technologies to new markets like marketing management; marketing service providers exploiting these developments and the final marketing expert integrating all of them. Main outcomes of the project will be: 1/ ADiMa framework as the referenced open environment where marketing services can be integrated and deployed as a service 2/ Specialized marketing services covering campaign, content, video, customer and recommendations which will exploit the analytical technologies developments. By doing this, ADiMa will generate two different business models increasing the delivery of marketing services to SMES, agencies and IT service providers which will promote the visibility and competitiveness of the European companies.

Project leader

Fernando Perales
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