Advanced Co-simulation Open System ARchitecture

Project description

Virtual system development (“frontloading”) is getting more and more important in a plenitude of industrial domains to reduce development times, stranded costs and time-to-market. Co-simulation is a particularly promising approach for interoperable modular development. However, the coupling and integration of real-time systems into simulation environments (especially of systems of distributed HiL systems and simulations) still requires enormous effort. The aim of ACOSAR is to develop both a non-proprietary “Distributed Co-simulation Protocol” (DCP) for integration of simulation and testing environments and an according integration methodology, which shall be a substantial contribution to international standardization (FMI). The results of ACOSAR will lead to a modular, considerably more flexible as well as shorter system development process for numerous industrial domains and will enable the establishment of new business models.

Project leader

Martin Benedikt
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH, Austria
Project involvement ACOSAR
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