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News item Date
Smart Communities challenges: can you solve them? 28 Jun 2018
20 years of ITEA: from a European to a Global network - a growing ITEA story 15 Jun 2018
Share your personal message for our 20th anniversary! 11 Jun 2018
Four awarded ITEA projects create big impact and a better society in different ways 29 May 2018
ITEA 2 project MEDIATE wins 2018 EUREKA Innovation Award 23 May 2018
Only a few weeks left to register for the ITEA Event 2018! 03 May 2018
ITEA 3 project MOS2S impresses during the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang 01 May 2018
20 years of ITEA: From the generation of an idea to becoming a significant player with impact in Europe and beyond 23 Apr 2018
ITEA 3 Call 4 projects labelled: 19 new ITEA projects to excel, solve key challenges and innovate the future! 26 Mar 2018
ITEA: 20 years of impact in Software Innovation! 29 Jan 2018
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! 15 Jan 2018
Sweden strongly increases the EUREKA Clusters budget 02 Jan 2018
What are the main trends and challenges in Smart Energy, Health, Manufacturing and Mobility? 12 Dec 2017
Six new impressive ITEA project stories added to the ITEA Impact stream 05 Dec 2017
Scaling a Software Business - SCALARE book available now! 17 Nov 2017
uCrowds start-up for simulating crowds has its roots in award-winning ITEA project Metaverse1 06 Nov 2017
Light control reinvented: control the darkness – Results of the ITEA project PRO-HEAL 21 Sep 2017
Join the free IDEaliSM Smart Engineering event 19 Sep 2017
ITEA 3 Call 4 opened with promising Project Outline (PO) Days 2017! 18 Sep 2017
Online version of the ITEA Impact stream released - be inspired! 12 Sep 2017
The impact of participation in EUREKA Cluster projects 08 Aug 2017
The results of the ITEA international customer & end-user workshop on Smart Manufacturing 30 Jun 2017
Jump-start your project idea for ITEA's new Call now! 31 May 2017
Digital Innovation Forum 2017: a digital landscape of opportunities 30 May 2017
First cancer patient successfully treated with Elekta Unity developed in ITEA project SoRTS 25 May 2017
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