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Key features

ITEA's mission is to optimise support for companies and R&D actors active in ITEA projects in the area of SISS, thus making best use of funding made available by the ITEA supporting countries.

To ensure optimum support for the ITEA community, ITEA stands for:


ITEA is open to partners from large industry, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), research institutes, universities and user organisations (profit or non-profit). ITEA is managed by industry in close and trustworthy cooperation with the national public authorities of participating countries.

Bottom-up approach

ITEA’s bottom-up project creation and approval process ensures that the programme adheres to the actual market demand and the business needs of the companies involved. An innovative proposal can be submitted by at least two companies from at least two countries; there is no need to get further support from other countries or central institutions.

Trusted framework

ITEA stimulates a clear community spirit ensuring that the ITEA values are shared. It provides a trusted framework in which new participants can easily find their way. There are standard project collaboration agreements available following best practices applicable to industry, including the complex domains of confidentiality and intellectual property.

Quality-focused project evaluation & monitoring

ITEA follows a two-stage approach for proposal submission, which ensures better quality of the proposals through advice by industrial experts from large European industries. Furthermore, ITEA supports the initiation and evaluation of project ideas by providing the ITEA Living Roadmap to its participants, including a State-of-the-Art database with public deliverables of ITEA projects.

For ongoing projects, ITEA provides project evaluation and monitoring in a peer-to-peer mode in order to improve quality and value creation. A clear change request process is used to better adhere to the continuous market evolution while staying true to the project’s ambition.

 Further information on the ITEA Call process and schedule can be found in Call process

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