ITEA Vice-chairperson

Half-time engagement (~0.5 FTE)

ITEA is a transnational and industry-driven Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) programme in the domain of software innovation. ITEA is a Cluster programme of EUREKA, an intergovernmental network for R&D&I cooperation, involving over 40 countries globally. ITEA enables an international and knowledgeable community to collaborate in funded projects that turn innovative ideas into new businesses, jobs, economic growth and benefits for society.

ITEA is managed by and for industry in close cooperation with the national public authorities from ITEA-supporting countries. The ITEA Programme is facilitated by the ITEA Office that consists of an international team of 12 employees. The ITEA Office is located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and the main language is English.

We are looking for an ITEA Vice-chairperson, with in-depth understanding of digital business and innovation from the viewpoints of technology, usage, business and methodology and who is a passionate believer in the power of the digital world. Targeted start date: 1 September 2020.


As an ITEA Vice-chairperson, you will work closely together with the other two ITEA Presidium members (Chairwoman and Office Director), with whom you will be responsible for the overall management of the ITEA Programme. You will report to the ITEA Board and ITEA Office Association.

Your core responsibility will be to maintain and further improve the quality and contents of the ITEA programme and the communication on its results and impact:

  • Portfolio composition and strategy development
  • Project management and reporting
  • Chair Project Outline (PO) and Full Project Proposal (FPP) evaluation processes
  • Recommend project selection, priorities and labelling to the ITEA Board
  • Ensure the right level of customer and end-user involvement
  • Road mapping
  • Chair workshops and events related to programme contents
  • Communication on trends and results: articles, blogs, social media

Skills and experience required

  • In-depth understanding of digital business and innovation from the viewpoints of technology, usage, business and methodology
  • Ability to develop new ways of improving the management of innovation
  • Ability to model complex situations quickly
  • Ability to build and share strategical vision at all levels (engineer, management, politician)
  • Impact oriented and passionate in coaching projects and people for maximum impact
  • Several years of experience with major industrial firms, SMEs as well as university and research organisations
  • International travelling (within Europe) required several times per month, including a monthly 2-day Presidium-Office meeting at the ITEA Office in Eindhoven.
  • Fluent command of the English language
  • Good understanding of “Europe’s cultural diversity” in theory and practice

Roles in the ITEA organisation:

  • Vice-Chairperson (non-voting) of the ITEA Board
  • Vice-Chairperson (non-voting) of the ITEA Board Support Group
  • Chairperson (non-voting) of the ITEA Steering Group
  • Chairperson of project reviews
  • Chairperson of the Technical Management Team (Vice-Chairperson plus Programme coordinators)


We offer you a management position in an innovative, international and highly dynamic environment with great opportunities to further develop your network. We offer a competitive remuneration package in accordance with your experience.

Contact information

Interested in the position of ITEA Vice-chairperson? Send your resume and motivation letter to Patrick Candry, Chairman of the Nomination Committee at


Acquisition by recruitment agencies, in response to this vacancy, is not appreciated.