ITEA Programme Coordinator


ITEA is a European research programme supporting and stimulating international R&D projects on software innovation. ITEA helps organisations to find the right partners for their innovative research projects. In addition, ITEA monitors ITEA projects and maintains a good relationship with the national Public Authorities, who are responsible for providing the funding in the different countries supporting ITEA.

The ITEA Programme is facilitated by the ITEA Office that consists of an international team of 12 employees. To strengthen our team, we are looking for a Programme Coordinator (24-40 hrs per week) with a strong hands-on mentality, able to work well in a team but also individually. The office is located at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Netherlands and the main language is English.

Responsibilities and tasks

As a Programme Coordinator, you will be the first-line connection with the ITEA projects, by delegation from the Vice-Chairman. You will work closely together with the other Programme Coordinator and the Programme Support Officer.

Your main responsibility is to, together with ITEA’s colleague Programme Coordinator, organise the project-related processes (in line with the ITEA Quality Management System):

  • The project initiation process (calls, brokerage events, partner search, funding, etc.)
  • The evaluation and monitoring of projects (PO and FPP evaluations, change requests, progress reporting, project reviews, project action lists)
  • The reporting process (e.g. annual ITEA Report, ITEA magazine content)

Main tasks are:

  • Manage, on a day-to-day basis, the project portfolio. You will have day-to-day exchanges
    with project leaders and with Public Authorities on project-related questions and issues.
  • Work in close cooperation with and assist the Vice-Chairman (technical advice,
    preparation of documents & reports, etc.)
  • Participate in and act as secretary during ITEA Body meetings (writing, distribution and
    approval of minutes), in coordination with the Office Director
  • Assist project consortia in project initiation and preparation
  • Prepare the annual Quality Report and the meetings of the ITEA Quality Board;
    management of the quality auditing process (calendar, audit reports)
  • Contribute to invoicing of ITEA project fees with the interface to the finance function.
  • Help maintain the ITEA project information in the project database, in coordination with
    ITEA ICT and ITEA Communications.
  • Maintain, together with colleagues, the ITEA Rules and Regulations, project-related
    templates & guideline documents and the ITEA Contribution Rules.
  • Request for Project Progress Reports and organise Project Review meetings
  • Provide input for the ITEA Annual Report and other means of communication (magazine, project leaflets, project success stories, etc.)
  • Contribute to other ITEA activities: stakeholder satisfaction, events, road-mapping activities, etc.
  • Contribute to the overall coherence of the ITEA Programme, together with other members of the ITEA Office.

Job requirements

  • A relevant degree at a higher educational level
  • 5 years working experience in software technology and/or engineering
  • Strong affinity with collaborative R&D
  • Experience in overseeing large projects
  • International travelling (within Europe) required several times per month
  • Fluent command of the English language
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ....)


Contact information

Interested in the position of ITEA Programme Coordinator? Send your resume and motivation letter to Fopke Klok at

Acquisition by recruitment agencies, in response to this vacancy, is not appreciated