Information protection and privacy

May 2018

    • 1. Introduction

      To execute its tasks, ITEA Office must maintain information and documentation on ITEA projects and proposals, the participating organisations and their contact persons. The management of all this information is subject to confidentiality and privacy regulations.

    • 2. Confidentiality of project-related information

      Confidentiality of project-related information is subject to the ITEA 3 Frame Agreement (Art. VIII) and specific Declarations of Non-Disclosure (DNDs) for selected events and purposes:

      • DND for members of ITEA management bodies (ITEA Board, Board Support Group, Steering Group, and staff of ITEA Office);
      • DND for participants in PO Days and related access to the ITEA Project Idea Tool;
      • DND for access to the ITEA Living Roadmap.

      Based on their signed DND, all members of the ITEA management bodies have access to all ITEA project information.

      Signing the DND for PO days participants gives access to the PO days event, to the ITEA Project Idea Tool and to the ITEA Living Roadmap. It allows people to share information at these events and in the following process of project definition while restricting the use to the project definition only. After the submission of a Full Project Proposal the regulations of the Frame Agreement apply, as submitting an FPP requires the signing of a Declaration of Acceptance of the ITEA 3 Frame Agreement by all partners.

      There is a separate DND for access to the ITEA Living Roadmap for interested ITEA Community members (see below) who are not immediately interested in creating a new project.

      ITEA Community Members (see below) may have access to relevant parts of the ITEA project-related information based on their role, for example:

      • A project leader has a full access & edit rights to his/her project.
      • A project participant can access the projects (s)he participates in. A technical contact of an organisation in the project has edit rights limited to information related to his/her organisation.
      • A member of the public authorities / funding agency can access any projects’ information that has a partner from the country (s)he represents with only view rights. (S)he can enter evaluation results for the project on behalf of the country.
    • 3. Privacy

      Personal information related to individuals is based on the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

      The following principles apply to the ITEA privacy regulations:

      • ITEA only collects personal data from persons who register to be involved with ITEA projects or events and related services organised by ITEA.
      • Since a person is only involved in ITEA projects or events as part of an organisation (company, research organisation, government, etc.), the nature of the personal information that ITEA collects is professional personal data. For example, address information of a person is the address of his/her office, not the private home address.
      • When users choose to be involved with ITEA, they must register via the ITEA website, where they are referred to these information protection and privacy regulations indicating which information they must provide, how ITEA Office may use this information, and under which conditions their information can be deleted.
      • By registering on the ITEA website, the users consent to the terms of these ITEA privacy regulations. ITEA may change the terms of these regulations from time to time. Continued use of the ITEA website will be in compliance with the terms of these privacy regulations as amended from time to time.
      • During events that are organised by or attended by ITEA, photographs will be taken and personal images may be captured. These photographs may be used for ITEA business and promotional purposes (website, social media, ITEA magazine & other print publications).
      • As a Dutch legal entity, ITEA Office is under the supervision of the Dutch Data Protection Authority, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.
      • 3.1 Personal information collected by ITEA

        While browsing the ITEA public website, no personal information is collected. However, cookies are used to manage our website and improve the browsing experience of the visitor. The ITEA website uses essential cookies for the operation of the website and other cookies for tools such as Google Analytics, YouTube and Twitter that collect anonymised information.

        In order to participate in the ITEA programme and to make use of its services, one needs to register via the ITEA Community website ( and to create an ITEA account. When creating an ITEA account, users are requested to provide certain personal data required to take part in events and project creation, to publish an ITEA project idea, to act as an ITEA project leader, or to be part of an ITEA project as a technical contact, a financial contact or an associate (project member).

        The following personal data is requested to create an ITEA account:

        • Must-have information: first name, last name, email address, organisation; Optional information: phone number (s), company address, department and position at organisation, professional expertise, profile photo;
        • The user may choose to make the optional information visible on the (restricted) community website (e.g. for partner search);
        • The user may opt in to receive additional information like the ITEA Magazine, Newsletters, event invitations, etc.
        • The user may opt in to share limited information for a specific purpose with a third party, for example the EUREKA Secretariat.

        All personal data can be modified and managed by the account user except email address and organisation. In the case of a change in email address or organisation, users can contact the ITEA Office ( to update the information.

      • 3.2 How personal information is used by ITEA

        The personal data is used by ITEA Office to contact participants in relation to the management of ITEA-organised events and ITEA projects. Event-related management includes event registration, payment status, DND status, and surveys for the evaluation of events. Project-related management covers all activities performed by ITEA Office to support the creation and labelling of a project, to monitor and evaluate the running projects as well as to measure the impact of the project.

        ITEA Office may use service providers for e.g. email monitoring (e.g. Mailjet), user surveys (e.g. SurveyMonkey®), physical distribution of magazines. In such cases ITEA Office takes care that service providers apply the appropriate privacy regulations.

      • 3.3 Sharing of personal information with 3rd parties

        In general, ITEA Office does not share personal data with any 3rd parties without a clear consent from the person. There are a few exceptions to this principle: on request from a project participant, ITEA Office can provide contact information (such as phone number) of another participant in the same project without confirmation as long as both persons are listed as partners of the project. Furthermore, in order to allow Public Authorities to support the ITEA Community, personal information may be shared with them, without confirmation.
        Note: If an ITEA community member asks for the contact information of a person who is not in the same project, ITEA Office will share the contact information only after asking the person for explicit consent.

        Personal data is not exposed on the ITEA public website with two exceptions:

        • The following information of a project leader is visible on the public ITEA website: name, photo, organisation, country, projects involved.
        • The following information of a funder (public authorities and ITAC members) is visible on the public ITEA website: name, photo, organisation, professional address, phone number.

        Changes in the role of project leader and public authority are arranged on request to the ITEA Office via

      • 3.4 Deletion of personal information

        Every ITEA Community member can change his/her optional personal data and toggle his/her profile visibility at all times.

        On request, personal information can be deleted or anonymised except for the specific cases explained below. To secure the operations of the ITEA Office, there are 3 possible options:

        Personal information cannot be deleted for:

        • Project leaders
        • Members of ITEA management bodies
        • External reviewers of ITEA projects
        • Representatives of public authorities
        • Project consortium members of:
          • active projects;
          • project proposals;
          • projects completed or cancelled less than 5 years ago
        • Registrants for any ITEA event of the last 2 years
        • Project idea owners of the last 2 years

        Personal information can be anonymised for

        • Project consortium members of projects completed or cancelled more than 5 years ago
        • Registrants for any ITEA event more than 2 years ago
        • Project idea owners of ideas older than 2 years

        Personal information can be deleted for

        • Any of the other members not mentioned above
    • 4. AOB

      If users have any enquiry regarding his/her personal date available on the ITEA community website, please contact the ITEA Office via

      If someone has any enquiries / objections about the use of his/her personal image (captured at events), please contact the ITEA Office via