Trustworthy and Smart Communities of Cyber-Physical Systems

Project description

The Trustworthy and Smart Communities of Cyber-Physical Systems (TIoCPS) project targets to creation of technical basis for more smart, interoperable and sustainable industrial CPS information ecosystem and society. The currently dominant vertical silo type of operating model of M2M industries, recent GDPR regulations, and requirements of owners/customers has led to the grand challenge around cyber-physical systems: Lack of trustworthy, smart and interoperable information/data sharing and value exchange prevents establishment of the data economy around CPS. The TIoCPS project aims to contribute towards solving this grand challenge, boost the businesses of the involved industries especially in the context of selected use cases (UCs) related to energy-, and mobility related industrial application sectors for enabling more smart, interoperable and sustainable ecosystem and society by enabling trustworthy and smart communities for CPS. The envisioned TIoCPS innovation is based on the concept of trustworthy and smart CPS communities (TIoCPS concept), which targets to enable interaction with physical CPS entities so that the sector specific service providers are able to exchange data/information for achieving smart (incl. AI based) operations, the business values of each party are respected, and privacy, trust and security requirements of all the involved stakeholders including the users/owners/customers of the physical CPS resources are taken into concern. The planned R&D actions, targeted for analysis, specification, design, realization and evaluation of the TIoCPS concept, the major expected technical outcome of the project, are focused towards the needs of the selected UCs related to energy- and mobility related application sectors for technical establishment of solid trustworthy and smart CPS communities for smart, interoperable and sustainable industrial data ecosystem. The targeted impact of energy CPS communities, realized by application of TIoCPS concept, are envisioned to enable multiple energy sensitive sectors to collaborate and make use of distributed energy resources more efficient and flexible, lower the peak loads and CO2 emissions, and saves cost of the related energy sensitive sectors’ stakeholders. The advanced smart interaction within mobile industrial CPS communities contributes towards enabling novel smart services relying on physical resources such as e.g. mobile items/objects/components, wearables, robots, and vehicles of multiple sectors so that the privacy, trust and businesses of the owners/customers are taken into concern. The technical outcomes and innovations will boost creation of European/industrial data economy for CPS domains, enlarge the benefits for larger societal groups of humans and companies, enable trustworthy operation for individuals, protect and enlarge businesses of companies and contribute towards smart, interoperable and sustainable industrial data ecosystem and society. The consortium includes essential industrial companies of the UC related value chains and key roles such as CPS asset providers (e.g. Polar, Kompai, Tracker, Bittium, OEDAS) CPS service providers (e.g. Empower IM, OEDAS, Ericsson, Macq, Luxs, Polar, Tracker, Digitalmente) and novel potential roles related to distributed information systems, information sharing/brokering and trust establishment arising from TIoCPS concept (e.g. SSH, VTT, Sirris, Macq, Luxs, Almende, Ericsson). In addition, essential research actions targeted for novel solutions (e.g. UC3M, ISEP, IMT, UC3M, VU Amsterdam, VTT, ISEP/GECAD).

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