Decentralized resilient architecture for autonomous systems

Project description

Progress in automation brings us closer to autonomous systems. In order to react and adapt quickly to uncertain and unexpected conditions we cannot rely on centralized architectures anymore. The goal of the project is to ensure resilience of autonomous systems in a wide range of AI-based application domains. will develop a decentralized resilient reference architecture for multi-domain autonomous applications, as well as methods and tools to bridge AI and software engineering with heterogeneous safety-critical systems. will impact current markets of software-controlled AI-based systems by ensuring competitive advantage in development costs and time-to-market. Due to the paradigm shift towards decentralization, will enable completely new products and services and ensure their resiliency and safety while keeping adaptivity and development agility in changing environments.

Project leader

Ambra Calà
Siemens AG, Germany
Project involvement, ACASIA
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Project publications