Continuous Evolution for Future-Ready Software Systems

Project description

Successful systems evolve constantly on many levels. Especially the current speed of change and the advent of completely new challenges like AI everywhere impose challenges on organizations to keep up with this speed. At the same time most effort is actually required to restructure existing systems as a basis for future enhancements and not for the enhancements themselves. Phoenix is going to change this by providing novel capabilities to support the evolution of software in unprecedented ways, enabled especially by current advances in AI (AI for SE). In particular, Phoenix will support system understanding and analysis, situation assessment and decision making, and the (semi-)automated transformation of the system to support enhancement. Novel tools will be developed and integrated in all these areas, making use of current ideas and technologies from AI to achieve an unprecedented level of support. In order to achieve the largest possible leverage Phoenix will also take an architecture-oriented standpoint.

Project leader

Steffen Klepke
Siemens AG, Germany
Project involvement Phoenix
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