Open Wise Edge for Smart Communities

Project description

In our daily life (leisure and work) everything is currently under digitalization and digital world is blending with the physical world via roll-out of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. New kind of interaction, value co-creation and innovations are possible by developing cyber-physical digital services aggregating and analyzing data from multiple sources, and exploiting it in physical world interaction and actuation. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Edge Computing and IoT are enabling new capabilities for cyber-physical digital services, including near real-time automated and fine-grained sensing-analysis-actuation loops, better response time, locality with enhanced safety and privacy. For example autonomous and semi-autonomous remote monitoring, remote control and companion robotic applications are envisioned to become feasible via exploitation AI, Edge Computing and IoT technologies. This brings unseen potential to digitalize, augment and automate human tasks and work across many businesses - no longer just in manufacturing industry and factories. The recent technological progress really equips and challenges the smart consumer and professional communities to re-think the most optimal ways of working together among people but also efficiently together with machines (e.g. autonomous robots and AI agents). Application domains of Health & Wellness, Smart Energy and Smart Sites/Buildings will benefit from the AI, edge computing and IoT enabled new capabilities of cyber-physical digital services. This project will focus in collaborative R&D of Open Wise Edge (OWE) technology platform and ecosystem unleashing the capabilities of AI, edge computing, edge communication, IoT, open source, open data and open models for holistic optimization and innovation of new cyber-physical digital services for smart consumer and professional communities.

Project leader

Daniel Pakkala
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Finland
Project involvement OWE4SC

Project publications