AI-Enabled Solutions for Life Style and Health Interventions

Project description

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as Diabetes Type 2 and fatty liver disease, cardio- and cerebro-vascular conditions, and dementia and psychiatric disorders, are leading factors in the disease burden globally (World Health Organization (WHO), 2018). NCDs together with related co-morbidities constitute a heavy load on the individual, family members, caregivers, and health systems. The onset of symptoms, and the transition into irreversible conditions, are strongly associated with lifestyle factors (e.g. physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, overweight, stress and sleeping problems). Whereas behavioural changes can reduce risk and disease progression, further necessary breakthroughs in the prevention and management of NCDs can only be achieved by addressing underlying metabolic risks and improving individual-centric care pathways and care plans (WHO, 2018). LifeStylePre will enable such breakthroughs, following a two-pronged approach, combining insights from connected-care in self-management settings, and from clinical research in the context of treatment of symptomatic disease. The resulting solutions for use in the para-medical domain will be designed to enable personalized lifestyle advice and compliance monitoring for subjects-at-risk, with the aim to prevent or delay the onset of irreversible disease burden. Currently, lifestyle service providers do not have access to medical data or lifestyle tracking data from wearable IoT devices. Many data utilization processes are manual-based with neither automation nor optimization. LifeStylePre will develop the novel technologies and a Knowledge Base that are necessary for individual-centric, data-driven, lifestyle management interventions which are tailored to personal needs. The novel technologies and Knowledge Base together will enable the speedy development of solutions that are proactive, continuously adapted based on monitored data, and taking into account the quality of data obtained from different sources. LifeStylePre will provide trustable, medical-grade software for lifestyle interventions whilst avoiding lock-in to a single platform. Our solutions will “by-design” include uncompromised security, privacy and data ownership, both when a person shares data with lifestyle coaches, doctors or insurance companies, and in case 3rd parties grant access to others. The four consituting digital health domains (Health data management, Lifestyle management, Health AI predictive and medical imaging diagnostics) cover €13 billion market size, with an estimated direct business impact for the consortium partners being over €500 million in the coming decade. The LifeStylePre consortium is uniquely positioned to address the challenge of bridging the gap between medical and para-medical or lifestyle requirements and usage models. This innovative lifestyle segment is dominated by SMEs that currently need to use an enormous amount of time and resources to solve personalization, data availability and management issues. The advanced technologies with the Knowledge Base will enable SMEs in Europe to shorten “time-to-market” and “time-to-commercialization” of their digital health products and services with rapid and easy deployments of the technical lifestyle prevention-related innovations.

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Minna Annika Pikkarainen
University of Oulu, Finland
Project involvement LifeStylePre
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