Interoperable Distributed Ledger Technology

Project description

It is becoming increasingly critical that immediate actions be taken to preserve the long-term competitiveness of our economies. Key to this are the development and provision of innovative, intelligent database IT systems, digitized processes and resulting novel technologies and services. North America, and increasingly Asia, have a substantial head start when it comes to Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), which undoubtedly is one of the technologies with the most potential to completely transform the way our society works. DLT allows us to move from the “Internet of information era” to the “Internet of Value era”, whereby decentralized and immutable contracts define business interactions and secure exchanges of information. I-DELTA aims to create an interoperable DLT based platform enhanced by AI, integrating with existing IT systems such as ERP and IoT applications. The latter will delight us with a growing number of IOT devices independently taking part in business transactions and triggering decisions. To achieve this, I-DELTA has carefully assembled a consortium of entities from different key countries. These entities will be cooperating in delivering proof-of-concept DLTs in different domains such as smart cities, smart communities, grids, and Industry 4.0 supply chains, all of which will use a common and interoperable architecture. The main innovations envisaged by I-DELTA are (1) new paradigms for the digitization of business and public processes, (2) enriching DLT with artificial intelligence support in order to automate and optimize digitized processes, (3) analysis and design of a reference architecture and standards for interoperable DLTs, (4) extensions and improvements of identified gaps in existing DLT approaches, which are currently hindering main stream adoption & (5) new business models enabled by the above innovations. The consortium, consisting of committed end users, representing the various application domains under study, competent IT providers and skilled research partners, covering both the technological and business value chains, ensures a successful implementation of the project and the subsequent industrial exploitation of results. The pilots will serve as catalyst for the latter supported by targeted dissemination efforts.

Project leader

Özer Aydemir
ERSTE Software Limited, Turkey
Project involvement I-DELTA

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