Harmonizing IT-eco-systems providing a seamless workflow while integrating multi-vendor applications

Project description

All around us, a new generation of technology is changing our lives, from the everyday use of satnavs and smartphones through to the profound ability of genomics to help us develop personalised medicines for individuals. Yet the state of online services, basic IT and clinical tools in health and care is far behind where it needs to be. Healthcare faces many challenges like improving patient outcome and working more cost effectively while the demand is growing, staff capacity is declining and new clinical and technological developments succeed each other quickly. To improve productivity of the healthcare sector, it is necessary to reduce cost while maintaining or improving the quality of care provided. The fastest, least costly and most effective way to achieve this is to unlock the full potential of the knowledge that is hidden within already existing large amounts of generated medical data. In the healthcare domain, the complexity is increasing substantially, with a growing amount of medical disciplines involved in diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients, as well as the rapidly increasing number of available treatment options. In addition, the amount of data and heterogeneity of data sources, make it difficult to select the right information in time for any specific patient. To reach the potential of effective information usage and AI support in healthcare, HARMONY will focus on getting the basics right: the digital architecture of the health and care system – the building blocks. Without this basis, healthcare AI cannot fulfil its promises. Open standards, secure identity and interoperability are critical to the safe and successful use of new and upcoming data and AI technology in healthcare, ensuring that systems talk to each other and that the right consistent and correct data gets to the right place at the right time. HARMONY will create a harmonized IT-ecosystem, providing healthcare professionals with real-time, comprehensive insights in the patient’s status, integrating all relevant information for diagnosis, treatment selection as well as follow-up. This does not at all exist today. The projects main innovation is the ability to compose disease-centric workflows through vendor-agnostic, seamless integration and interoperability of all relevant applications along the care-path. This can be considered a revolution as the care professional (e.g. doctor) can use one single, easy-to-use IT system when performing his/her work. The HARMONY project brings together a complete healthcare ecosystem (end-users, technology & research partners, system integrators) from seven European countries. It will demonstrate platform technology in a large number of clinical use cases, such as cancer and COPD. The project will reach breakthroughs in: • Medical data standardisation • Data veracity • Interoperability • Scalability • Building an open healthcare IT-ecosystem

Project leader

Frank van der Linden
Philips, Netherlands
Project involvement HARMONY, STARLIT, Medolution, SoRTS, MEDUSA, Edafmis, HiPiP, COSI, FAMILIES, Cafe, ESAPS
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