Harmonizing IT-eco-systems providing a seamless workflow while integrating multi-vendor applications

Project description

HARMONY will create a harmonised IT ecosystem, providing healthcare professionals with real-time, comprehensive insights into patients’ statuses while integrating all relevant information for diagnosis, treatment selection and follow-up. This does not yet exist. The project’s main innovation is the ability to compose disease-centric workflows through the vendor-agnostic, seamless integration and interoperability of all relevant applications along the care path. This can be considered a revolution as the care professional (e.g. doctor) can use a single, easy-to-use IT system when performing his/her work.

Project leader

Frank van der Linden
Philips, Netherlands
Project involvement HARMONY, STARLIT, Medolution, SoRTS, MEDUSA, Edafmis, HiPiP, COSI, FAMILIES, Cafe, ESAPS
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Project publications