Food Friend

Autonomous and easy-to-use tool for monitoring of personal food intake and personalized feedback

Project description

The goal of the Food Friend project is the development of a food intake monitoring tool, consisting of hardware, software and methodologies, that can be used by care professionals, research institutions or home users to get a better overview of a person’s dietary behavior. Through automatic measurement of eating activity and estimation of the amount of food consumed, the process will be less work intensive compared to traditional tools such as keeping a food diary. This kind of sensor based food intake monitoring is virtually only available in a lab environment and part of the project will focus on making the technology more accessible. Furthermore there is a strong focus on providing relevant feedback to the user in the form of personalized recommendations and intuitive visualization of the recorded data, the latter which can be helpful for care professionals to get a better insight into the eating behavior. This in turn can lower the threshold for professionals such as dieticians to request a monitoring period with their clients or for home users to improve their eating behavior. The Food Friend technology will further be validated in four use-cases related to the prevention of malnutrition in patients using tube feeding (UC1) and in nursing homes (UC2) and nutritional trans-mural care of chronic diseases like obesity (UC3) and type 2 diabetes (UC4)

Project leader

Greet Bilsen
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
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