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Since many years, industrial system builders like ABB, AJINEXTEK, DEMAG, ELKON, BOMBARDIER or SECOTOOLS have been collecting product and process data in different formats and tools. In many cases, the potential benefits of this data are not analysed, nor correlated or utilized. Companies simply do not have the know-how to create valuable insights from this data flood primarily due to the lack of corporate expertise on Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods. There is a widespread imbalance in the supply and demand of qualified AI experts in industry, which challenges today's technological development towards delivering AMPlify’s industry-ready AI-solution: An AI Knowledge Portal to provide guidance on the application of available AI solutions and platforms, find available experts to make AI tools and algorithms applicable and more end-user friendly. A Modelling Platform housing an extensive Methods Pool to support the development of AI tools and applications for domain-specific problems at the edge, fog and cloud levels. AMPlify will guide and train non-AI experts to explore the capabilities of AI methods and lower the technology threshold to introduce AI in emerging technologies and applications, for a range of new stakeholders and industrial applications. AMPlify will enable multiple domains stakeholders (e.g., energy management, material handling, ship operations management, smart manufacturing) to strengthen the potential and use of AI technologies in their applications collaborating with software specialists (like SAG, CONFITECH, DOGRU, EMPOLIS and TEKNOPAR), AI method experts from research (like LMU, MDH, IFAK, ISEP, ETRI), and SMEs (like ARGEDOR, DAKIK, DOGRU, IOTIQ). Experts like NXP, SAG, IOTIQ, ARGEDOR, SMARTWATT, NEP, FALKS and TEKNOPAR will provide the necessary products and infrastructure, solution and runtime components portfolios. The AMPlify AI-driven approach will propel the development of more sophisticated products and services within the problem areas.

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Frank Werner
Software AG, Germany
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