Systematic Development of AI-based Industrial Domain Solutions

Project description

The application of sophisticated computer programs is key for efficient control and management of industrial processes. Stakeholders for domain specific applications, machine building or automation are usually lacking expertise for application of enabling techniques from mathematics, computer science, automation and control theory. This is even more the case in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its specific disciplines. The proposed project aims to enable and fasten personnel with fewer skills in the application of data analytics, machine learning and similar AI techniques as well as personnel with a profound knowledge finding the right technology for dedicated domain specific tasks that may take advantage from AI technologies. Besides guiding to the right solutions, the AIDOS AI Knowledge Portal will direct the problem owner to companies and researchers that are highly ranked to solve the problem described. The AIDOS Knowledge Deployment Environment will provide a complementary environment for fusing data, to experience tool sets, train and improve model prediction – for comparing AI methods and finally to find the most suitable solutions. Concluding, AIDOS will provide fundamental capabilities for designing innovative concepts, technologies and components for elaborating AI methods to a large extend, and specifically, making AI “easy to handle and understandable” by non-AI experts. Results will be evaluated in 4 different domains within the AIDOS project.

Project leader

Anja Maria Fischer
Demag Cranes & Components GmbH, Germany
Project involvement AIDOS, OPTIMUM
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Project publications