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TT-Medal; Project of the month

TT-Medal is both, an industrial and a research project! It deals with system and software testing of today's industry. It brings together the experience and knowledge of academics and practitioners from ten companies and institutes in Finland , Germany and The Netherlands.


Our project addresses the requirements for testing in various domains, including telecommunications, automotive, railway, finance. This is because all industry needs clear testing facilities for their Systems under Test.
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TTCN-3 as a solution
The fundamentals of our approach are international standards for the definition of tests. TT-Medal applies TTCN-3, the Testing and Test Control Notation from ETSI. The TTCN-3 technology has its roots in the telecommunication industry and is nowadays used in other domains, too.
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Case Studies
Successful demonstrations of automated test solutions in various industrial domains are key issues for proving the concepts and convincing users. In the TT-Medal consortium partners from the application domains are involved to validate the technology in their everyday working environments. TT-Medal is present at international conferences and exhibitions. Results are presented to be public to promote the approach and to get feedback from experts.
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The project is financed by the three national governments and additionally supervised by the ITEA office. TT-Medal meetings are held on a national and international level. 



Prof. Ina Schieferdecker (Technical information)
Tel +49 (0)30 3463 7241


Dr. Gudrun Quandel (Press)
Tel +49 (0)30 3463 7212


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