28 April 2017 · Source: PAN European Networks · Download PDF

The talk of the town

The Artemis Industry Association ad the Eureka cluster ITEA discuss the benefits of the digital tranformation and outline the aims of the Digital Innovation Forum 2017 event.

The digital transformation is an imperative global topic that is accelerating the revolution of business activities, processes, competencies and models in a profound way, and will enable digital technologies to be fully leveraged. Often regarded as a threat to European industries, especially the more traditional ones, the digital transformation should be seen, and used, as an opportunity to create value for business and society. This is what the Digital Innovation Forum (DIF) 2017 is all about.

DIF 2017 comes to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 10-11 May, bringing digital transformation with it. For some, it's already been in town for a while; for others, it's a chance to get a bit closer to, and a bit more personal with, a paradigm shift that is irrevocably changing industry and society. Is it a threat to 'life as we know it', or is it an opportunity?

Europe's policy makers and industry leaders themselves are aware of the essence of speed in their pursuit of competitiveness and much-needed economic growth and jobs. The call for immediate and bold action to accelerate the digital transformation and seize business opportunities could not be clearer: act now or risk being left behind. DIF 2017, co-organised by the ARTEMIS Industry Association and the EUREKA Cluster ITEA, aims to embrace and share the digital transformation as an opportunity, and to come to terms with and tackle the changes that are inevitably implied. Pan European Networks is acting as media partner for the event.

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