24 November 2015 · Source: EUREKA News · Download PDF

Matching Smart Cities in Barcelona

EUREKA Clusters at SCEWC 2015

EUREKA experts attended more than 40 B2B meetings which took place in a matchmaking event organised by ACCIÓ with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) as part of the Smart City World Congress in Barcelona November 17th to 19th. The aim of the event was to assist SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs, corporations and cities in finding international partners for product development, manufacturing and licensing agreements, joint ventures or other types of partnership.

The congress included a keynote speech by EURIPIDES² Chairman, Jean-Luc Maté focussing on the InterCluster Smart City initiative and on how to set up a winning Smart City consortium in EUREKA.

On a Dynamic Show Floor packed with 465 exhibitors, over 400 cities from 80 countries presented their latest inventions. Working together for the first time to promote EUREKA and its respective programmes, representatives from ITEA, Celtic-Plus, EUROGIA2020, EURIPIDES² Clusters and EUREKA experts informed participants of the EUREKA "rules of the game". Spanish EUREKA member CDTI was also present during the event, seizing the opportunity to meet Spanish companies. Beginning next year, EURIPIDES² will carry out a survey on the potential outcomes of the matchmaking event.