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ITEA website now features on-line partner search

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Each year ITEA issues a Call for Projects. Its 6th Call opens on 20 January 2003. If you plan to participate, now's the time to visit ITEA's website www.itea-office.org.


If you are looking for partners to start a new ITEA project, have an idea for a project but still need partners, or if you want to join a consortium, you can visit the new Partner Search area on ITEA's website (http://www.itea-office.org/ under Project Calls - Partner search). This new on-line service is open to all and it can greatly facilitate the formation of consortia and the definition of project proposals.


The service can be used freely to search for partners or project ideas. If you want to get in contact with partners, want to express your interest in a project idea (and, after approval by the owner of the idea, join a consortium), want to publish your own partner profile or if you want to submit a project idea for which you are looking for partners, you need to be registered.


However, when using this medium for partner search, please be aware of the open nature of a public website.


As it is a new service it will take some time before a wide variety of search results is available. ITEA therefore encourages you to register your embryonic ideas as soon as possible so that you and others can quickly benefit from this useful forum.


ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement) is Europe's premier cooperative programme for pre-competitive research and development in embedded and distributed software. ITEA supports coordinated national funding submissions within the EUREKA framework (E!2023 ITEA). Its goal is to reinforce the position of European industries through the labelling of innovative industry-driven R&D projects that will pave the way for quick implementation in practical products, systems and services.

For additional information please contact:
ITEA Office
+31 40 247 5590
+31 40 247 5595