25 February 2005 · Source: EUREKA News · Download PDF

ITEA to join Artemis steering board


The EUREKA ITEA Cluster has accepted to join the Steering Board for the Artemis (Advanced R&T on Embedded Intelligence & Systems) European Technology Platform, setting the scene for the EU Seventh Framework Programme.


Embedded technologies are one of the fastest growing sectors in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement) is Europe's first major collaborative R&D programme for software-intensive systems, and has a close relationship with the EU Information Society Technology (IST) programme.


Since many of the technological domains addressed are similar, improved coordination is essential in order to avoid overlap. In this context, the ITEA Technology Roadmap – widely recognised as a landmark document in the field of software-intensive systems – could be exploited as a tool for information exchange in order to facilitate coordination between national, EU and EUREKA research programmes.


On a more general level, the membership of a EUREKA Cluster in the Steering Board of a European Technology Platform sets the stage for a significant step forward in terms of EU/EUREKA co-operation; this is in line with the conclusions drawn by Ministers at the EUREKA Ministerial Conference held in Paris in June 2004.