28 November 2002 · Source: Embedded Control Europe.com · Download PDF

ITEA announces upcoming 6th Call for Projects



ITEA projects are bottom-up, industry-driven initiatives, involving complementary R&D from at least two companies in two different countries (according to EUREKA rules). However, the number of industrial partners, both in terms of technology development and lead users, is usually higher. Projects must involve between 40 and 250 person-years and typically last two years. Consortia should include partners from large industries, SMEs and universities/research institutes. All 33 countries in the EUREKA framework provide financial support.


ITEA Calls for Projects involve a two-step procedure. First Project Outlines are submitted. If this stage is successful, a Full Project Proposal is requested. Projects that are approved receive the ITEA (EUREKA-endorsed) label with which the chances of receiving national funding are greatly increased.