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Improved funding conditions for Spanish ITEA participants

Are you a Spanish company working in the area of Software-intensive Systems & Services (SiSS)? Then this is good news for you: The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) improved its funding conditions for ITEA project participants in 2015 and gave a positive outlook for 2016. Main improvements include an optional loan and an increase in the maximum grant amount based on the innovation criteria of up to 50% for SMEs and up to 40% for Large Industry.

ITEA 3 has been continuously working on shortening the time from project idea (Call opening) to project start. In ITEA 3 Call 1 with the project 3DPathology it demonstrated the feasibility of ITEA’s ‘10-month from project idea to project start’ objective, showing the positive effect produced by the actions taken together with the Public Authorities. The ITEA Office will continue to do its utmost in the near ITEA 3 future to achieve this objective and support project consortia in any way.

ITEA is the EUREKA Cluster programme supporting innovative, industry-driven, pre-competitive R&D projects in the area of Software-intensive Systems & Services (SiSS), a key driver of innovation in Europe’s most competitive industries.

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