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French turn to ITEA for security

The Ministry of Security in France is to become the first user of Role-ID, an Itea (Information Technology for European Advancement) project to provide access control based on job function rather than name. The three-year project finished in October and had mainly Finnish and French partners. “This is a project about access control,” said project leader Aline Andrillon. “It is not about who you are but about what you do.” The project started in September 2009 and had the aim of providing better security in areas such as healthcare, public safety and cyber defence. The success of the project, said Andrillon, was shown by interest already from commercial bodies and early versions have already been deployed in Finland, but the French Ministry of Security gives it a seal of approval. “The Ministry of Security will be using it for role management,” she said. “It has been sold to them and will be implemented at the end of this year.”

Photo: Aline Andrillon

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