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Evidian launches a new pan-European research project on the prevention of digital risks and optimization of associated policies

PARIS – Evidian, the European leader for identity and access management, announced today the launching of the PREDYKOT project - a pan-European research project it will be running under the auspices of the ITEA 2 organization. The project, which involves 19 industrial and university partners, will mobilize an equivalent of 140 person-years of research and a global budget of 15 million euros.

The purpose of PREDYKOT (Policies REfined DYnamically and Kept On Track) is to develop a set of software modules used to continuously adapt security policies to changes in the risks inherent in administration, user activities or context. To this end, PREDYKOT aims to deploy intelligence data on numerous system security sources such as identity and access management, critical systems, Cloud applications or even mobile radio systems.

The work, programmed for a period of 30 months, will make available the results of the project within the framework of an ecosystem based on the partnership supported by ITEA 2. Within this intensive period of research and development, the PREDYKOT project must find solutions to some increasingly critical problems concerning the prevention capacity of security systems, in the face of ever-changing digital risks. The project run by Evidian and funded by ITEA 2 will coordinate inputs from European partners like Cassidian, Gemalto, PPO (Finland), Sampol (Spain), and Thales.
PREDYKOT strives to solve some critical problems encountered today by any organization in view of the diversification of and continuous changes in digital risks. Security policy management is becoming increasingly complex as a result of these changes. A self-adaptive security policy management system, such as the one targeted by PREDYKOT, reinforces the prevention of risks and considerably improves their management. Thanks to its proven identity and access management skills, Evidian will bring in all its expertise to the project. Evidian plans to use the results of this research to enhance its offer with intelligence solutions and tools that optimize IT access management policies.

“With PREDYKOT, Evidian is once again contributing to a vast European project enabling the advanced research work needed to offer the most innovative solutions to its customers. We are very proud to have received help from ITEA 2 and to be working together with renowned industrialists and research institutions; this shows our partners’ trust in Evidian and in its leadership position in this field“, says Hassan Maad, COO of Evidian. “Our expertise in identity and access management (IAM) allows us to contribute to the excellence of European technology in this field. In return, we expect a joint effort by the partners to improve the respective offers and, for Evidian, considerable progress for future products of its IAM suite“.
The results of the PREDYKOT project will be beneficial in areas in which security is crucial, such as Cloud computing, critical information systems, especially identity and access management. The telecommunications sector, with mobile business links, as well as Near Field Communication (NFC) equipment and services are also targeted.

About Evidian
Evidian, a Group Bull company, is the European leader and one of the major suppliers of identity and access management software solutions across the globe. Evidian has offices and partners around the world. Over 750 organizations are using Evidian’s software to improve flexibility, security as well as legal and regulatory compliance, while bringing down costs. For more information on Evidian’s software solutions, its offices and partners, go to www.evidian.fr

About ITEA 2
ITEA 2 is a strategic pan-European program for advanced pre-competitive R&D in Software-intensive Systems and Services (SiSS). ITEA 2 stimulates and supports projects that will give European industry a leading edge in the area of SiSS in which software represents a significant segment in terms of system functionality, system development cost and risks as well as system development time. Its ambition is to mobilize a total of 20,000 person-years over the entire eight-year period of the program. Go to www.itea2.org

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