07 November 2005 · Source: InformationWeek · Download PDF

Europe's Grand Plan


By Peter Clarke,


Europe has budgeted more than 3 billion euros (about $3.6 billion) for collaborative IT research. But will it face the cost-cutting that trimmed past commitments?


The program, called ITEA-2, is set to run from 2007 to 2015, with government paying 35% to 40% and industry the rest. The original Information Technology for European Advancement program  began in 1999 to support European independence in software-intensive systems for embedded applications. ITEA is on pace to spend 1.2 billion euros. While that funds 9,500 person-years of R&D on 85 projects, it's far from the 20,000 person years and 2.4 billion euros budgeted before the economic downturn of 2001.


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