14 December 2001 · Source: Europe Information Service (EIS) Tech Europe · Download PDF

EUREKA's ITEA calls for information technology proposals

EUREKA's ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement) cluster project, a co-operative software research and development (R&D) project which supports co-ordinated national funding submissions, has given prior information of a call for project outlines, to be launched on January 15, 2002. ITEA projects are industry driven and involve complementary R&D efforts from at least two companies in two different countries. Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), public research institutes and universities are all invited to participate.


This call will cover five domains: home, enterprise, mobility, intermediation services and infrastructures, and complex system engineering. The call also aims to promote progress in 12 categories of enabling technologies including content capture, data and content management, network transportation and protocols, security, system engineering and human system interaction.


A project outline preparation session will be held on 15 and 16 January. The calls for projects are organised in a two step procedure. In the first, the pre-labelling step, short project outlines should be submitted. If this stage is successful, full project proposals are required.


More information about the project preparation session and the call itself will be available from 15 December from the following web address: http://www.itea-office.org/main_projectcalls.htm.