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EUREKA Projects at CeBIT

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EUREKA projects EAST-EEA and E! 2584 ULIXES attracted considerable attention when they were invited to share the stand of the German Ministry for Education and Research at CeBIT, the world's biggest IT and telecommunications trade fair. Over 8,000 exhibitors attended the Hanover-based event, and representatives from the projects and EUREKA found themselves fielding questions from some of the 750,000 visitors.


ULIXES is developing a unique tool for the tourist industry designed to integrate the entire holiday planning process. It will eventually provide holidaymakers with virtual representations of destinations, enabling them to tailor vacations to their personal preference. EAST-EEA, a sub-project of the ITEA cluster, brings together 20 partners from the car manufacturing industry, suppliers and universities, to develop electronically controlled functions in vehicles in the drive towards a safer, accident-free future. Both projects sparked great interest from potential collaborators at the fair - particularly, in the case of EAST-EEA, from other large automobile ma

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