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EUR 19.5 million to research model driven physical systems operation

EUR 19.5 million to research model driven physical systems operation

With a budget of EUR 19.5 million, the three-year European ITEA2 research project 11004 “MODRIO” – Model Driven Physical Systems Operation seeks solutions to support adoption of model-based systems engineering in the design of mechatronic systems.

The project covers all phases of the development cycle — from early concept design, over detailed system design, to verification and validation — and operational use including diagnostics during the entire system's life cycle.

The project is being implemented in cooperation with leading European companies in the energy and transport industries, including EDF (project coordinator), ABB, Siemens, EADS, Dassault Aviation and SCANIA.

“The MODRIO consortium will extend modeling and simulation tools based on open standards from system design to system operation. At EDF, we are convinced in the power of models, and we appreciate the opportunity to intensify their use for the design and operation of energy systems”, comments Daniel Bouskela, MODRIO project coordinator at EDF.

“MODRIO will extend the state-of-the-art in modeling and simulation based on open standards, in order to increase the safety of energy and transportation systems, as well as their dependability and performance during the operational life.”

In cooperation with the project’s industrial partners, participant LMS will expand its simulation and test solutions for mechatronic system engineering. This targets enhancements in Model Embedded Control, Real-Time simulation based on high-fidelity multi-body dynamics modeling in LMS Virtual.Lab Motion and Hardware-in-the-Loop. LMS will also increase support of modeling standard Modelica and continue innovation in its core product suites: LMS Imagine.Lab, LMS Virtual.Lab and LMS Test.Lab.

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