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EPAS wins ITEA 2 Achievement Award 2009

EPAS receives a prestigious award for achievement at ITEA 2 Symposium In
Madrid, Spain

BRUSSELS– 5 November 2009 – EPASOrg announces that the EPAS project was  honoured with an award at the recent ITEA 2 Symposium in Madrid on 30 October 2009. 

EPAS received the Silver ITEA Achievement Award, which is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Information Technology for European Advancement (ITEA) programme. Major factors include innovation,  exploitation and dissemination of European R&D projects outcome. The jury stressed the innovation of the methodology proposed by EPAS in providing common interoperable card-based protocols as well as the steps taken by EPAS towards ISO endorsement of its specifications. 

EPASOrg will ensure that the EPAS specifications achieve full ISO 20022 endorsement for card standards, a major milestone in facilitating the deployment of EPAS in worldwide markets.

“We are very proud of this prestigious award given to the EPAS project which recognises the efforts and involvement of key payment industry players in the development of these common protocols over several years” said Alan Moss, Chairman of the General Assembly of EPASOrg.

According to William Vanobberghen, Secretary General of EPASOrg and former Co-ordinator of the EPAS project labelled by ITEA: “EPASOrg will pursue the active development, promotion and further evolution of the EPAS card
payment standards, enabling the market to benefit from cost efficiencies, increased competition and enhanced innovation in the SEPA area and beyond”.

About EPASOrg
EPASOrg is an international non-profit association founded by key industry players in Brussels to foster interoperability in card payment protocols. The mission of EPASOrg is to bring together industry stakeholders to drive interoperability in card payments, overcoming the barriers of today’s fragmented card payment environment.
EPASOrg includes the following organisations amongst its members: 

Atos Worldline, Equens, Groupement des Cartes Bancaires, Hypercom, Ingenico, Pan Nordic Card Association, Quercia Software, The Logic Group, Wincor Nixdorf, Galitt, Ikea, Infomil, Integri, Lyra Network, Monext, PayLife
Bank, Point International, POSPartner, Sermepa, SIBS 

Ottilia Rouguet
Communication Committee Convenor

William Vanobberghen
Secretary General

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