29 May 2018 · Source: 4rfv · Download PDF

“Barco is at the heart of open innovation in Europe” and captures three awards at EUREKA Innovation Days

Kortrijk, Belgium, 29 May 2018 — Last week, Barco won three awards for its contribution in cross-border technology innovation projects. Barco received the awards at the EUREKA Innovation Days, which celebrates the high achievements and most innovative R&D projects in smart energy, industry, mobility and health.

EUREKA is a European organization that stimulates and facilitates research and innovation development between enterprises, research institutes and other partners beyond national borders. The organization drives various industry-led project initiatives, one of them being ITEA, of which Barco is a founding company and in which it has been an active member since the start 20 years ago. Over the years, Barco participated in over 30 projects, several of which have resulted in game-changing outcomes for business as well as society.