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Article Source Date released
Slimme software voor meer beleving MyArena 09 Dec 2016
Saving time, saving lives: Medicine in the Cloud EUREKA Success Story 06 Dec 2016
Every single outcome we have developed in EUREKA is part of our business solutions EUREKA eZINE 17 Oct 2016
Nederland investeert vijftig miljoen in vijf ITEA3-projecten Bits & Chips 01 Jun 2016
Ruim 100 miljoen euro voor innovatieve software Ministerie van Economische Zaken 31 May 2016
France, Germany: Airbus Defence and Space and Partners Win ITEA Award for Fight against Cyber Threats HighBeam Research 11 May 2016
Airbus Defence and Space and partners win ITEA Award for fight against cyber threats Airbus 10 May 2016
EUREKA innovation week 2016 - "A great exchange of experiences" Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sweden 04 May 2016
Eureka Projects are On the Way OPENiSME 30 Apr 2016
Matchmaking at the EUREKA innovation week 2016 EUREKA News 29 Apr 2016
Smart Cities and EUREKA Clusters at innovation week EUREKA News 29 Apr 2016
Smart cities in a global landscape - the EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 EUREKA News 29 Apr 2016
ITEA-2 Diamonds awarded "EUREKA Innovation Award 2015/2016" PERSYVAL-Lab 29 Apr 2016
EUREKA Innovation Award for ITEA research project DIAMONDS Fraunhofer website 28 Apr 2016
...and the winner is: EUREKA innovation award 2016 EUREKA News 27 Apr 2016
Boosting software security for a connected world EUREKA News 22 Apr 2016
ITEA, le cluster EUREKA dédié aux logiciels embarqués, nomme une présidente ElectroniqueS 18 Apr 2016
AMETIC apoya la participación española de empresas en el programa EUREKA AMETIC 01 Mar 2016
Zeynep Sarılar begins new term as ITEA chair PAN European Networks 01 Feb 2016
Improved funding conditions for Spanish ITEA participants EUREKA News 07 Jan 2016
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