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Article Source Date released
RECONSURVE Proje Demosu Başarıyla Gerçekleştirildi TUBITAK 01 Nov 2014
ITEA and ETRI bring Europe and Korea closer in software systems sector EUREKA News 31 Oct 2014
ITEA and Korean electronics institute celebrate decade of co-operation Horizon 2020 31 Oct 2014
The first ITEA 3 Call opened with promising project ideas EUREKA News 22 Oct 2014
Finnish technology enters British childcare industry TEKES News (TEKES website) 29 Jul 2014
ITEA 2 IMPONET: Big Data Technology enables more efficient electricity supply in Spain EUREKA Success Story 25 Jul 2014
AMALTHEA: Modellbasierte Entwicklung von Multicore-Systemen Heise 01 Jul 2014
Jean-Luc Maté devient président du comité Intercluster d'EUREKA ElectroniqueS 20 Jun 2014
ITEA 2 SUS - contactless technology transforming the urban environment EUREKA Success Story 19 Jun 2014
Valencia town council and everis collaborate in a European project to turn Patraix community centre into an intelligent building everis 27 May 2014
LTE based mobile CCTV solution from Airbus DS proves superior performance in Safe City Test Bed Project LTE-Applications 14 May 2014
Airbus Defence and Space deploys LTE based mobile CCTV solution as part of the Singapore Safe City Test Bed Airbus 16 Apr 2014
EUREKA cluster ITEA quality management system officially ISO 9001 certified EUREKA News 07 Apr 2014
Finnish ITEA 3 kick-off event held together with TEKES and DIGILE EUREKA News 07 Apr 2014
Entwicklung einer open-source Entwicklungsplattform, erweiterbar durch die Community SafeTRANS News 01 Apr 2014
Meer aandacht nodig voor Embedded software markt Rijksdienst voor ondernemend Nederland 25 Mar 2014
ITEA ARTEMIS-IA high-level vision 2030 officially presented to EC Vice-President Neelie Kroes EDACafé 25 Mar 2014
ITEA 2 JEDI: How to make 3D TV really happen EUREKA Success Story 21 Mar 2014
ITEA ARTEMIS-IA vision 2030 presented to Vice President of European Commission Neelie Kroes EUREKA News 18 Mar 2014
Special feature: ARTEMIS-ITEA 2 Co-summit 2013 PAN European Networks 01 Mar 2014
The Co-summit 2013: Bolstering Software innovation to foster hi-tech employment and industry opportunities Research Media 01 Mar 2014
Gezamenlijk congres staat in teken van kennis en software Electronica 01 Feb 2014
Co-summit 2013 in Research Media Research Media 01 Feb 2014
Special feature: ARTEMIS-ITEA 2 Co-summit 2013 Horizon 2020 24 Jan 2014
Vision 2030 Horizon 2020 24 Jan 2014
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