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Article Source Date released
Großer Besucherandrang bei ITEA2-Symposium und ITEA & ARTEMIS Co-Summit EUREKA Aktuell 16 Dec 2009
ITEA 2 vergibt Label um nationale Förderung von europäischen Forschungsprojekten zu erleichtern SafeTRANS News 11 Dec 2009
SmartTouch sai parhaan ITEA-palkinnon Prosessori Online 19 Nov 2009
Finnish interactive touch technology wins ITEA gold Achievement Award Invest in Finland 13 Nov 2009
VTT:n l'hiluku nappasi kultaa ITviikko 11 Nov 2009
EPAS wins ITEA 2 Achievement Award 2009 EPASOrg / SmartCard Trends / SIBS 05 Nov 2009
Touch the Future with a Smart Touch Alpha Galileo / VTT 04 Nov 2009
ITEA 2 and ARTEMIS confront technological challenges together Europolitique 02 Nov 2009
EPASOrg established to drive interoperability in card payments EPASOrg / SmartCard Trends / SIBS 27 Oct 2009
Taking a touching approach to transport ticketing and home care for the elderly EUREKA Success Story 27 Oct 2009
1st European Innovation Summit EUREKA News 05 Oct 2009
ITEA 2 Symposium 2009 EUREKA News 05 Oct 2009
Model-Driven Development Processes and practices Alpha Galileo / VTT 24 Sep 2009
Klaus Beetz vertritt Siemens als Steering Group Mitglied in ITEA 2 SafeTRANS News 16 Jul 2009
EUREKA Annual Review 2 EUREKA Annual Report 22 Jun 2009
Extreme computing: technological innovation and European leadership Bull Direct 16 Jun 2009
UMC's en Philips verbeteren analyse medische foto's Automatisering Gids 11 Jun 2009
Ensuring universal access in digital homes makes for an easier life EUREKA Success Story 11 May 2009
Eureka! Banner on Zaventem Airport 16 Apr 2009
Building Research Networks trough Eureka European Voice 16 Apr 2009
Sweden - striving to sustain its model for economic success EUREKA News 16 Apr 2009
European collaboration key to software growth EUREKA News 20 Mar 2009
Simplifying Internet service creation to support local businesses EUREKA News 20 Mar 2009
ITEA Roadmap for Software-Intensive systems and Services, Edition 3 Cap'tronic Newsletter no7 16 Mar 2009
Konferenzenherbst bringt neue Projektideen und Partner EUREKA Aktuell 16 Mar 2009
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