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Article Source Date released
ICT project to enhance human-system interactivity CORDIS Website 27 Dec 2007
Bull, at the heart of IP network innovation (ENERGy) --- Bull, au coeur de l’innovation des réseaux IP Bull Direct 16 Dec 2007
New Cellphone-based Touch Technology Trial at Oulu City Theatre City of Oulu Online 22 Nov 2007
'ICT is not an end in itself' CORDIS Website 16 Nov 2007
El programa Europeo de I+D ITEA otorga su máximo galardón al proyecto AMEC participado por Fagor Electrodomésticos, Ikerlan-IK4 y ESI Ikerlan Online (& published on various Spanish news sites) 16 Nov 2007
2007 Silver ITEA Achievement Award recognizes Barco’s contribution to AGILE software engineering methodology Barco Online 08 Nov 2007
ITEA 2 AGILE Project Scoops Silver and Bronze Awards Exoftware Online 01 Nov 2007
Electronique_International_Nov2007.pdf Electronique International 01 Nov 2007
Researchresearch_Nov2007.pdf ResearchResearch 01 Nov 2007
ExpeShare project to facilitate mobile content sharing CORDIS Website 30 Oct 2007
Touch and go - near-field communication technology set to 'change the world' CORDIS Website 24 Oct 2007
Trends in ICT - connected anywhere and anytime CORDIS Website 23 Oct 2007
Bringing healthcare to people's homes: the NUADU project CORDIS Website 19 Oct 2007
ITEA 2 refocuses its projects on major societal challenges Europolitics 19 Oct 2007
'ICT moet helpen sociale problemen op te lossen' Computable 19 Oct 2007
Europe unites to foster HPC technologies with the launch of ParMA, an ITEA 2 project to exploit fully the power of multi-core architectures --- L’Europe unit ses forces dans le domaine du calcul intensif HPC Wire Also published on Bull Direct 16 Jul 2007
The first European NFC competition, "Touching the Future" announces winners Touching the Future - Word press 29 Apr 2007
Preparing the future - European Research Project Proposals at CETIC CETIC website 04 Apr 2007
Passepartout TV project gepresenteerd aan Europees Parlement 21 Mar 2007
Norge med solid posisjon i software-clusteret ITEA2 EUREKA News 16 Feb 2007
Embedded network breakthrough enables ambient computing - SIRENA EUREKA News 31 Jan 2007
Nederlandse mobiele datamarkt groeit Computable 31 Jan 2007
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