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The ITEA SoRTS project gathers two worldwide leaders, Philips for the imaging system and Elekta for the therapy tools, supported by few complementary partners. SoRTS’ main innovation is the real-time integration of imaging and therapy tools to increase the productivity and efficiency of treatments. It is easy to understand the impact on our citizens’ health and the level of required innovation to ensure this real-time integration. SoRTS has all the characteristics of a very innovative research project with high impact potential.

The first push for fast exploitation is the last Elekta announcement on Atlantic, the first generation of a high field Magnetic Resonance Imaging guided radiation therapy system for 2017-2018! This is a convincing example that research must nowadays be managed in parallel with business access to ensure fast worldwide deployment of innovation.

The SoRTS consortium illustrates how a focused and efficient team of partners can be set up. Their relevant approach to creating a cooperative R&D project is to build your consortium with trusted partners or with partners you want to test for potential future partnership, including access to the market. This ecosystem preparation is a second added value of cooperative research besides the pure research results. It is surely one of our recipes for the famous ITEA fast exploitations.

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