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ITEA, in partnership with Artemisia, is organising the Digital Innovation Forum in Amsterdam on 10 and 11 May. This forum is dedicated to show the different facets of innovation in Europe. During this event you will be able to participate in four parallel workshops on: Smart Energy, Smart Health, Smart Mobility, Smart Manufacturing.

For each of these workshops you will be able to exhibit your own innovations to the European industrial innovation community. It will allow you to demonstrate how unique you are and how advanced your proposal is in the market.

Furthermore, you will be able to pitch in front of high ranking juries including some top level industry managers (e.g. The CEO of Swiss Life health, the CEO of ST Italy, Indra General Director for Industry and Energy, Engie Scientific director, …), some venture capitalists like DG Isource Venture Capital, International Director Senior Partner at SOFIMAC PARTNERS Roma, Directrice Générale Hi inov - Dentressangle Initiatives and a set of successful entrepreneurs for each theme. The juries will propose a valuable dedicated quote for each SME/start-up to highlight your unique value in the market. These quotes will be a good tool for your company communication because of the quality of the juries we have gathered. ITEA itself will communicate about these quotes to ensure the market is aware of the unique SMEs/start-ups we will have gathered on the four domains. NB: our organisation committee will make a choice to ensure the quality of the selected SMEs/start-ups.

This is a unique opportunity for you SME and start-up leaders to be identified by the key managers involved in all the large European companies steering innovation. We expect around 700 people from industry and venture capital to be present from all over Europe as well as the rest of the world as we already know that Canada, Korea and some other nations will be represented.

Register quickly on the DIF site to be sure to be among the selected set of SMEs/start-ups:

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