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The ITEA community as a whole has decided to reduce the time between the idea (PO Preparation Days) and the start of the project. This is important for us as we want to stick to the reality of the market. We can’t afford too many months between the moment we have an idea to transform the market, and the moment of actually getting it to market.

This acceleration has a consequence for you in terms of the time you have to write the proposals. This has been reduced for both the PO and the FPP while the quality is expected to be as high as usual in ITEA. Thus it is essential for you to come to the next PO Days, on 22-23 September in Brussels with ideas as well as with some core consortia to support the idea. It will be the best way to ensure you will be on time to deliver your proposal with the right quality.

It is time for you to prepare the PO days.

For that ITEA office has enhanced a set of tools for you to do so.

  • The project idea tool is open. Here you can:
    • upload a project idea;
    • search for partners: browse ITEA partners expertise, invite consortium partners;
    • browse through other project ideas using a full content search (after signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement); and
    • send an online request to join a project idea.
  • Get the most out of your MyITEA profile.
    • The partner search tool only searches through MyITEA profiles including expertise. Complement your profile with your expertise enabling project idea proposers to find and connect to you
  • Message board
    • If you still need some specific profiles for your project idea, or would you like to join a project, feel free to leave a message on the message board and get noticed

Have a good time innovating and building a winning team around it.

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