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The ITEA community has decided to reduce the time between the idea (PO Preparation Days) and the start of the project. This is important for us as we want to stick to the reality of the market. We can’t afford too many months between the moment we have an idea to transform the market, and the moment of actually getting it to market.

This acceleration has a consequence for you in terms of the time you have to write the proposals. This has been reduced for both the PO and the FPP while the quality is expected to be as high as usual in ITEA. Thus the next PO Days, taking place on 22-23 September in Brussels will be even more important to prepare your winning proposal.

Make sure to:

  • Design your proposal from actual needs of the market
  • Involve, whenever possible, actual users and customers to be sure of the demand
  • Be innovative, ITEA is there to change the world
  • Propose digital transition in any business it is eligible
  • Be international, the market is immediately worldwide
  • Be open, you can’t play alone in the new digital market
  • Build consortia with the ability to impact the worldwide market

We are expecting exciting new proposals again targeting actual markets. See you in Brussels!

Tags: Innovation · R&D