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Do you know any traditional economic domain protected from digital transition? I am afraid none is protected. It means all our European leaders are under this pressure of digital transition. Just as an example, the automotive industry recognises nowadays how important software is to its industry; more than 40% of the added value in a car is in electronics and software. For innovation the share is even more important, with most of the innovation supported by software in a physical product like a car!

ITEA is more than keen to support this digital transition to help our industrials to manage it in a better way.

The ITEA SCALARE project has gathered four big industrials like Schneider, Tieto, Sony mobile and Husqvarna along with some universities and software houses to define a canvas to analyse these digital transition situations and collect some patterns of successes as well as failures in these transitions. This database of patterns can become a reference tool for all our industrials to navigate toward this new world.

If you have some experience on this topic, then fill in a canvas and they will be pleased to analyse and integrate your experience for the interest of our global economy.

A project to follow to fill this digital transition gap.

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