Our world is not becoming digital, it is already digital. But with this trend comes a weakness: cybercrime. It is no longer theoretical; some significant figures are already known and many are still hidden. A few examples: 2010 - DDoS attack on global payment system caused several millions of dollar losses to VISA, MASTERCARD, PAYPAL…, the mega-data breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment in November 2014, Ubiquity suffered in 2015 a $47 million business email compromise, in December 2015 Malware caused power cuts in Ukraine and so on (have a look on the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report – it is frightening).

Digital transition is at the heart of ITEA. It is very important and we invest in innovative cybersecurity solutions. The ADAX project has been very successful in shortening time to response and in optimising the cost of countermeasures through a new decision support engine. It developed:

  • a mixed signature attack detection which reduces the false alarm rate from 10% to less than 1%
  • a hybrid detection which increases the detection rate from 65% to 99%
  • a new attack assessment which reduces the decision-making time from 1 h to 3 min
  • a countermeasure impact assessment which reduces the cost of countermeasures from €271K to €100K
  • a new algorithm called RORI (Return On Risk Investment) which will be the basis of a potential spinoff from Institut Mines Telecom

In ITEA the final end users are never very far from our projects. For ADAX, Adrien Bécue, the project leader from Airbus, testified how fruitful the presence of YapiKredit, the Turkish bank, was in steering the project.

Such results would already deserve strong recognition but at ITEA we want our success stories to actually impact the market. Again, this is a dimension in which ADAX has been very successful:

  • Stormshield has already integrated the results of the ADAX project in its new product with sales of more than 10K units.
  • Airbus integrated these results in its Cymerius command & control system and these new functionalities have generated five important international contracts.

For all these results delivered the past year, the project ADAX received the ITEA Award of Excellence 2016 in the category 'Business impact' during the recent EUREKA Innovation Week in Stockholm. Feel free to contact the ADAX project so that your own information system can benefit from these latest advancements.

Bravo to all the team!