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The values of our time are innovation and speed. All the markets are under this pressure. New products are emerging more and more quickly and the digitisation of the world is pushing all businesses to reinvent themselves.

To support our industry we need to design new methodologies and tools aligned with this new way of doing business.

Have a look at the ITEA 2 ACCELERATE project, which proposes new concepts and tools to move in this direction. First of all, it has defined 4 phases:

  1. Idea Stage: everything begins with an opportunity
  2. Problem/Solution Fit: because an idea is nothing if you do not have a solution
  3. Product/Market Fit: because the value of a solution is the interest of the customers and its business model
  4. Scaling: because all of us are searching for business with potential to drastically scale up.

For each of these phases the project is gathering best practices and developing new support tools.

Check its first public document on phase one, seeking the opportunities. You will learn a lot, at least I have learnt a lot! Make sure to keep in touch to follow the publications of the next phases.

Accelerate your business with ACCELERATE.


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