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PO Preparation Days 2019, Amsterdam, 3-4 September

Registration for the ITEA PO Days 2019 is now closed

The registration for the ITEA PO Days 2019 is now closed. We have reached the maximum number of registrations.

If you already registered for this event it is still possible to modify your registration via your MyITEA account or the ITEA Community homepage.

If you are registered, your entrance ticket entitles you to participate in / use / receive:

Hotel accommodation and travel expenses are not included.

Event participation: Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) required

Your registration for the ITEA PO Days 2019 is not complete before we have received and processed your signed Non-Disclosure Agreement. For your convenience you can download AND upload your personal NDA here

Restricted webpages PO Days 2019

All registered participants that signed an NDA will be able to see the restricted PO Days webpages. At these pages you can find more information about the venue, hotel accommodation, etc.
After the event, all presentations and photos can also be found at these restricted pages.

In case you have any questions concerning the event and/or registration, please contact the ITEA Office at info@itea3.org.