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ITEA PO Days 2019, 3-4 September, Amsterdam

Give your ITEA 3 Call 6 project proposal a flying start!


300+ potential project partners | presentation of innovative project ideas | dynamic workgroup sessions | constructive consortium building | best practices

On 3 September 2019, ITEA, the EUREKA Cluster programme on software innovation, will open its sixth ITEA 3 Call for project proposals in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days in Amsterdam on 3-4 September.

Here below you can find more information about your participation, the programme and the ITEA Project idea tool. Click on one of the images to jump directly to the related webpage.

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Getting started

PO Days 2019: innovation and best practices

You now have the chance to become part of ITEA's future! Join us at the Project Outline Preparation Days (PO Days) 2019, which will be held on 3-4 September in Amsterdam. This year we will not only look ahead with the presentation of the next generation of successful projects ideas, you can also learn from the best ITEA projects during the ITEA Award of Excellence 2019 ceremony at the end of day 1.

The PO Days event has proved to be the perfect stepping stone to kick-off your new R&D&I project in the software innovation domain; over 80% of the submitted Project Outlines in ITEA were presented first at this inspiring brokerage event.

In short, the ITEA PO Days 2019 will enable you to:

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***NOTE: At the moment we have reached the maximum number of registrations for the ITEA PO Days 2019. If you are interested in participating in the ITEA PO Days, you can still register for the waiting list. We will then inform you as soon as possible about the possibilities.

The participation fee for the PO Days is 200 euro,(non-refundable)VAT excluded. This fee only has to be paid, once your participation can be guaranteed. You can register for the waiting list without paying the fee.

Register for the waiting list

Kick off your project proposal now

You can already get started for this Call by using the online ITEA Project idea tool and Partner search. It is highly recommended to start shaping your project idea(s), browse other project ideas (NDA protected) and identifying potential partners well in advance to optimise your preparation period before the opening of the Call on 3 September. This online tool set can also support you in preparing your Project Outline when you are interested in participating in our Call for projects but not able to come to Amsterdam.
Please also check the tips & tricks from experienced project partners.

Interested or expert in Smart Mobility?

The best innovation projects often start from clearly stated customer or end-user requirements. To create such strong innovation projects that address the key challenges, ITEA organises once a year an international customer and end-user workshop. This year the ITEA international customer and end-user workshop will focus on Smart Mobility. End June, a full report on the workshop can be downloaded in the ITEA 3 Call 6 Project idea tool. It can possibly serve as valuable input for your project ideas as the workshop focusses on actual customer needs.

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EUREKA Stakeholder Conference 'Creating Ecosystems for Innovation' - 5 September 2019, Amsterdam

On 5 September, the day after the ITEA PO Days 2019, the EUREKA NL Chairmanship team 2019/2020 will organise the EUREKA Stakeholder Conference in Amsterdam (participation is free of charge). This way, participants from the ITEA PO Days can benefit even more from their business trip to Amsterdam.

During the Conference, Europe’s innovative industry, SMEs and knowledge institutes will share their experiences and interests in the EUREKA Network. The feedback gathered during the conference will be presented to policy makers of the EUREKA Network, to build on a powerful set of innovation tools that contribute to creating innovative ecosystems for the future.

The conference will also provide room for matchmaking with other innovative SMEs and industry representatives from Europe and beyond. In addition, information sessions will be organised about the EUREKA Clusters and the Eurostars programme. More information can be found on https://english.rvo.nl/news/events/eureka-stakeholder-conference-creating-ecosystems-innovation

Make sure to block your calendar from 3-5 September for the PO Days and the EUREKA Conference.

Our experienced Community members tell you why it is important to be at the PO Days

Train departure

It's actually like being on a train station and the PO Days prepare for the departure of the train. There are several wagons in which you can ride. Once the train has started rolling, you can still climb in, but it becomes increasingly difficult.

Frank Golatowski - University of Rostock

Spirit of open innovation

The ITEA PO Days are an excellent networking event. There is a real spirit of open innovation and collaboration. Having discussions with peers can lead to interesting results for all concerned. Some proposed project ideas, which at first seemed to be out of scope for us, turned out to be a perfect opportunity to match our needs with the needs of others.

Andy De Mets - Barco

Maintain and extend network

The PO Days bring potential topics for my company. Next to that, it helps to maintain my network and it is an opportunity to catch new contacts which can evolve in cooperation. The fact that you meet people face-to-face, facilitates the future collaboration in my opinion.

Patrick Chombart - Dassault Systèmes

Improvement of project proposals

The PO Days offer the opportunity to strengthen project proposal consortia or to join project proposals of others. Together with these possible partners, the objectives of the project proposals are improved during the different group discussions.

Frank van der Linden - Philips

Opportunity to contribute to exciting POs

The PO Days help me to strengthen and extend my network and give me the opportunity to contribute to exciting Project Outlines.

Marius Bilasco - Lille 1 University

Visioning a future world

If you attend the ITEA PO Days regularly, you see how ideas are evolving to products in some years. And afterwards the ITEA PO Days are not only days to participate in R&D projects, but also days for visioning a future world.