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Project idea poster & presentation

PO Preparation Days 2018, Stockholm, 4-5 September

If you have a (draft) project idea, there are two possibilities to present this during the PO Days:

  • in the poster session

and / or

  • in a 5-minute pitch in one of the two parallel group sessions (PowerPoint Presentation)

Poster session

On Tuesday 4 September from 11:00 until 12:00hrs a poster session is scheduled. During this session, participants can present their (first draft of their) project idea to the PO Days participants.

NOTE: This poster session is only meant for presenting project ideas, not for company presentations, neither for presenting competences.

Input for posters

If you wish to participate in the poster session, you can present an A1 size poster according to the following guidelines:

  • Upload your project idea in the online project idea tool
  • Indicate in the project idea tool that your project idea will be presented in the poster session

NOTE: The deadline for the production of the project idea poster by the ITEA Office has passed (20 August). The posters for the project ideas uploaded after this deadline (from project idea 43 on) that will be presented during the poster session at the PO Days, will have to be produced and printed by the project idea leaders themselves, based on this Project idea poster template. Keep in mind that the poster format is A1. To ensure a panel to put up your poster, make sure your project idea is uploaded in the project idea tool. 

Project idea presentation

On Tuesday 4 September from 13:00 - 15:15hrs, 2 parallel group sessions will be held. During these sessions, participants can pitch their project idea:

  • Please use the Project idea presentation template
  • Maximum number of slides: 4 (see template)
  • Maximum duration of presentation: 5 minutes (timing can be reduced to 4 minutes in case of a high number of pitches)
  • Upload the final presentation to your project idea in the Project idea tool (via 'Upload Additional documents')

Please make sure to upload your idea in the online project idea tool and indicate that you wish to present this during the pitch session. We will then reserve a timeslot for your pitch. Note: the past few years, these pitch sessions were fully booked. Timeslots are reserved on a first come first serve basis, so if you submit your project idea at a very late stage, we might not be able to provide a timeslot for you.

NOTE: These sessions are only meant for presenting project ideas, not for company presentations, neither for presenting competences.