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ITEA PO Days 2017, 12-13 September, Berlin

ITEA 3 Call 4: Jump-start your project idea!

On 12 September, the fourth ITEA 3 Call for project proposals will open in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days in Berlin on 12 & 13 September. This event is the perfect way to jump-start your preparations for an ITEA Project Outline. In short, the ITEA PO Days 2017 will enable you to:

  • Present your project idea(s) and/or learn about other project ideas in a poster session and during parallel project idea pitch sessions
  • Discuss and work on your project ideas in workgroup sessions
  • Meet companies and potential partners from all over Europe and beyond
  • Meet Public Authorities to discuss your idea(s) and learn more about the specific funding rules in your country well in advance
  • Learn from presented ITEA best practices and see how the ITEA Office can support you during the full project lifetime

PO Days registration

The participation fee for the PO Days is 150 euro, VAT excluded (non-refundable). If you are interested in participating in the PO Days 2017, please fill in the online registration form.

Previous years have proved to be so popular that we reached the maximum number of registrations weeks before the event, so please make sure you register in time!

Note: to participate to the PO Days you need to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Get started now!

You can already get started for this Call by using the online ITEA Project idea tool, Partner search and Message board. It is highly recommended to start shaping your project idea(s), browse other project ideas (NDA protected) and identifying potential partners well in advance to optimise your preparation period.

This online tool set can also support you in preparing your project outline when you are interested in participating in our fourth Call but not able to come to Berlin.