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ITEA 3 Call 3: Open now!

ITEA PO Days 2016 - 13-14 September, Paris

On 13 September, the third ITEA 3 Call for project proposals opened in conjunction with the ITEA Project Outline (PO) Preparation Days in Paris on 13 & 14 September. This event was a stepping stone for many to start preparing a PO, to learn and discuss about new project ideas, meet and partner up with consortium members and find out more about the Call details.

PO Days 2016 overview

You can find an overview of the PO Days event on the website

ITEA 3 Call 3 is now open!

Project outlines for ITEA 3 Call 3 can now be submitted.

The submission deadline for the Project Outlines is 27 October (17:00 CET).

NOTE: make sure to download the latest ITEA 3 PO-FPP Annex Call 3 Binder (dated 2 Sept 2016).

Are you still looking for partners, wanting to join a proposal or have another question about the Call? Please leave a message on the Message Board or contact the ITEA Office for further assistance (info@itea3.org) or reach out to the ITEA Community via our Linkedin Group or Twitter (@ITEA_3).