ISAE-SUPAERO is a world leader in higher education for aerospace engineering. For over one hundred years, SUPAERO has been educating students to have the most advanced scientific  and engineering skills, helping the aeronautics and space industry to anticipate and adapt to the latest scientific, economic and social changes.

At ISAE-SUPAERO, we are committed to growing scientific knowledge, engaging in cutting-edge research and collaborating closely with our educational, industrial and research partners to foster progress. Within the scope of this overall mission, we welcome the best students from all over the world and educate them to be future responsible leaders driving the development of our society and contributing to technological innovation in aeronautics and space. Located in Toulouse, France, we benefit from a unique ecosystem, both at the heart of the European capital for aeronautics and space and of a thriving aerospace higher education and research campus.

A winning trio: teaching, research, and innovation
With its extensive range of over 33 degree and educational programs, backed by research-driven teaching and close collaboration with industry, ISAE-SUPAERO answers the constantly evolving needs of the aerospace sector.

In this project, the Complex Systems Engineering Department (DISC) of ISAE-SUPAERO, developing knowledge in mathematics and computer science for the aerospace industry, participates.
In education as in research, DISC is interested in models, methods and tools to control the behavior and the performances of complex systems. This complexity may come from the multiphysics or multiscale nature of the systems, their dynamic behavior or their connected and distributed structure.

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Artificial Intelligence supported Tool Chain in Manufacturing Engineering